What Small Business Makes the Most Money?

Some people who are starting a business already know what industry they want to get into and what type of business they want to start. However, it can be a challenge for many to figure out what kind of business to start. It can be tough to find the perfect venture. Thus, it is crucial to look into what are the needs and demands of the time. What small business makes the most money? The following are a list of profitable small business for this year. The business mentioned are growing exponentially and can provide you with good revenue. Even better, these businesses do not require huge capital. By applying hard work, determination, and resourcefulness, you, too, can be a successful owner of one of these businesses.

Top 14 Businesses- What Small Business Makes the Most Money?

Auto Repair

What small business makes the most money? Having a car repaired in the shop for even simple repairs can be a tough challenge. The majority of people use their cars to go from place to place, and taking a car for repairs will often require a long wait at the repair shop. As the car is being repaired, you may have to rent a vehicle or ride with a friend. These are expensive and inconvenient options.

Fortunately, there are plenty of common maintenance and repair troubleshooting that only require a few simple tools. If you’re a skilled mechanic, you might want to open a mobile auto repair service as your business. Some services you can offer are oil changes, fluid refills, and headlight repair. You can do this right in your client’s driveway or any open parking lot.

Food Trucks

What Small Business Makes the Most Money

What small business makes the most money? The food truck industry is predicted to grow exponentially. Since rent in major cities are skyrocketing, it is becoming extremely difficult for up-and-coming food artisans to finance a physical location in busy centers in town where there is higher foot traffic.

Food trucks are the answer. You can start a food truck by getting on the road and parking yourself at busy places such as Farmer’s Markets and the local town square. The scent of your cooking will likely draw a crowd. The lower overhead cost and enhanced geographic flexibility of a food truck mean you can turn your family’s famous dumpling recipe or that unique dessert idea into an instant thriving business.

It should be noted that busy areas such as Boston and New York already have an overcrowded food truck market. You might be more successful in smaller communities away from the metropolis. Food trucks also need to follow a special set of ordinances, comply with business licenses and safety standards. Be sure to contact your local health department to know what is required.

Car Wash Services

What small business makes the most money? Another profitable business are mobile car wash services. It is safe to assume that the majority of people would pay a premium price for a mobile car wash. Instead of driving miles across town for car wash services, clients can be serviced on their property. This is especially applicable for people with upscale cars who need more personalized service. As a mobile car wash and auto detail service, you benefit from the unique position of being mobile. You also avoid significant investments in startup costs of having a brick-and-mortar location.

If you’re unsure how to start your own mobile car wash services, tons of online tutorials offer training. You can also do some reading and research on how to start a car wash business.

Electronics Repair

What small business makes the most money? People, especially in the US, are obsessed with electronics. A majority of people spend their waking hours staring at the screen of their gadgets. Without a doubt, there is widespread tech addiction meaning that when something goes wrong, people want it fixed ASAP.

Therefore, there is no doubt that mobile electronic repair services are in demand and could easily be one of the most profitable businesses in the coming years. With this service, you provide the answers and solutions for every broken device, from iPhone screens to laptop batteries. You will even be more successful if you are willing to go to the location of your customers. Official electronic retailers such as Apple have been heavily criticized for long customer wait times. You provide an alternative that can attract customers.

A mobile electronics repair business will require some investment in the form of supplies, but it keeps you from a brick-and-mortar location’s high overhead costs.

IT Support

Although a majority of Americans think they know tech, the truth is that they often need professional technicians. Unwittingly some make their computers and other devices vulnerable to the attack of hackers and identity thieves. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, manufacturers’ customer service is not supportive enough and fails to solve the problem. What small business makes the most money?

If you are an IT expert with skill and patience, then the most profitable business for you might be hitting the road around your neighborhood once you receive an emergency call. You only need to invest your time, transportation, and skills. This is a low overhead business model that spells pure profits.

Personal Trainers

What small business makes the most money? Your love of physical fitness can be turned into a business. You don’t have to work for a large commercial gym, nor do you need to invest in a physical location to train clients. You only need to purchase a few weight bands, and perhaps a yoga mat put them in your car trunk, and hit the road with your fitness show.

You can offer your services as a personal trainer and in one on one sessions in the comfort of your client’s home, or you can advertise group classes in a local park or community center. Making fitness readily available to your clients might just be the answer to help you achieve your goals. Since people are starting to eat healthier and are becoming more physically active, businesses that deal with fitness and wellness are becoming trendy and are just some of the most profitable businesses out there.

Enrichment Activities for Children

What small business makes the most money? There are many children in the US, and the budget for public schooling can’t keep up. Traditional schooling and enrichment activities such as music, art, and athletics have experienced a setback.

Thus, more parents are opting to get the services of private businesses for enrichment activities outside school hours. One of the most successful businesses you can undertake may be a gymnastic center, music school, swimming instruction, and kid’s yoga teacher. If you have a special skill that can be taught easily to young students, you might already have a potentially profitable business.

Renting out accessories and attire

What Small Business Makes the Most Money

You may have heard of sites like rent the runway, which have invested in the idea of a sharing economy where we need to own less and instead share resources. This idea created small businesses who provide rented clothing at a low price. Since the same pieces of item can generate profits multiple times, there is significant profitability to this venture.

What small business makes the most money? If you have an eye for fashion and an amazing sense of style, you may be on to something big. Even if you’re not up to launching a fashion startup, you can easily get revenue from renting out fashion at your community. Gather some great fashion items and clothing and host a party for high school students before prom night. Since you don’t have to invest in shipping costs, you have the potential to be even more profitable than bigger startups.

Renting out Home Improvement Equipment

Are you an expert DIYer and is your garage stocked with every lawn, garden, and home repair tool imaginable? Instead of lending your tools for free, why not turn it into a profitable business by advertising your equipment to your immediate community?

What small business makes the most money? You might even want to invest in specialized and higher cost equipment that can be useful for residential repair tasks. If a customer is clueless on how to use a tool, you may want to combine your equipment rental with a handyman’s services, which can increase your cash in the back. This could be a huge opportunity as a profitable business idea since more people invest in home renovations and require tools and advice.

Vacation Rentals

What small business makes the most money? Sites such as Airbnb made it more effortless than ever to profit from your unoccupied vacation property or even extra rooms in your house. Additionally, it is not too difficult to become a host, and the demand for rentals has increased in recent years. Therefore, if you’re located in an extremely desirable tourist area, you can easily make huge profits renting out space in your home to travelers.

Academics Courses


With the growth of technology, online business owners are making huge profits by offering courses via educational platforms or independently through a website. You may want to start an online course that offers traditional academics. Another idea are supplemental online instructions in grade-level subjects such as math, science, and history. What small business makes the most money?

You can create a review course for parents who are assisting their teens with math subjects such as algebra. If you are a creative, the possibilities are endless. Academic courses offered don’t have to end at high school or even college level. You can build online courses to share your interests, such as political history, Buddhism, and physics. If you’re interested in a specific subject, there is a good chance that someone else is too.

Language Courses

What small business makes the most money? As communication and technology improve, cultures and countries are blurring. People all over the world are looking to learn a new language. There is likely someone out there who wants to learn a new language from you, and they’re willing to pay for it. You have a successful business idea in your hands, especially if you speak in-demand languages such as Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin. It doesn’t matter what language you know, whether it is an obscure language or something widely known. You can advertise your skills and profit from online language-based educational sessions.

Business or Marketing Courses

The sad fact is that while humanities and liberal arts can develop critical thinkers, most college graduates will not have marketable skills that can make them successful in the corporate world. Your ability to fill in these gaps of information with your expertise can be a profitable small business idea that you can start with little investment.

Examine what skills and lessons you have learned in your own business and career the hard way. What small business makes the most money?  Share your experience and skills with others through a business-oriented online course. In demand, topics include bookkeeping, accounting, WordPress development, and graphic design. A lot of people will also need basic skills such as how to develop great client proposals or even an amazing cover letter and resume.

Personal Wellness

What small business makes the most money? People want to improve their well-being. Thus if you are an expert in any wellness subjects such as meditation, yoga, life coaching, and counseling, you may be the guru people are looking for to find their Zen state. You get the benefit of earning a significant income while helping people. Simply share what you know.

If you doubt the combination of personal wellness and online courses, look for Oprah as an example. She is the queen of personal wellness and has been an early pioneer of online courses.

Every person has a desire to improve themselves, and that is exactly what online courses are for. If you have any expertise or knowledge to share, you can easily offer it online and turn your knowledge into a highly profitable business.

Final Thoughts

You may want to quit your 8-5 and start your entrepreneurial journey where you are your own boss. However, you may not have a huge capital to invest. Embarking on a dream business doesn’t have to cost a lot. What small business makes the most money? Although there are plenty of suggestions in this article, the best strategy is to review your resources, including your skills, and start from there.

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