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Remote Control Door Locks for Homes

A smart lock is, without a doubt, the most important feature of a home that is truly smart and connected. Not only does it give you the capacity to come and go as you please, but it can also give you a view of who is entering and leaving your home when you’re away. Some brands simply allow you to open and close the door while some can provide special privileges to friends and family members and service staff. There are several things to consider when purchasing remote control door locks for homes. Know what to look for and read reviews of top-rated models.

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What Are Remote Control Door Locks for Homes?

Remote Control Door Locks for Homes

One of the top things you will want to consider is the price. How much will it cost to upgrade your traditional lock? After all, a smart block will be premium priced compared to classical locks on the hardware store. You can discover a few smart locks on the market in the hundred-dollar range, but if you want a lock system that you can control at any location with features such as voice command, email notification, and alarms, expect to shell out at least $200-$300.

A majority of smart locks will offer a mobile app that gives you the capacity to lock and unlock doors by simply tapping an icon. Some will offer a web application that lets you control everything from your wired desktop or laptop. Most of the apps let you add users and set access schedules for a specific day and time.

If the lock you have chosen is Bluetooth enabled, you need to be in the range of around 40 feet to connect with it. Locks with Wi-Fi capability can be controlled from almost any point as long as you are connected to a home router. Ensure your smart locks provide activity logs so you can review who has entered or exited your home while you were away.

Current Improvements

The current smart locks offer features such as voice activation geofence and auto-lock. When it comes to activating by voice, locking and unlocking doors is effortless. Simply command your smartphone to disengage the lock, and the lock will open. You will never have to be hassled if you locked up before leaving the house since you can use your mobile app to establish a perimeter around your house and use the location of your phone services to identify your exact location. Once you enter this perimeter, you can have the lock automatically open behind you. It functions in the same way as an auto-lock and will have the lock automatically open after it has been unlocked for a specific time.

Other things to look for will include a keyless touchpad for those instances when you don’t have your phone at hand or your keys. Tamper and forced entry alarms are also handy in case there is a break-in. They email notification messages to you, so you will know who is coming and going in real-time.

How to Install a Smart Lock– Remote Control Door Locks for Homes

Remote Control Door Locks for Homes

Most smart locks are not difficult to install, but some are easier than others. Suppose your new lock utilizes an interior escutcheon and an exterior component. In that case, you will probably have to totally remove your old lock, which includes the deadbolt system, before you attach the new device. It is simply a matter of removing the two bolts that are attached and removing these pieces. The deadbolt is also held firmly by at least two screws.

Fortunately, most smart locks already have predrilled holes, so you don’t have to be hassled about drilling new ones. There are smart locks on the market that can be attached to the inside of your door and are designed to be used with your existing deadbolt. The installation will require up to 25 minutes since you will be removing the old lock and attaching your new smart device.

Can Alexa Control Door Locks? — Remote Control Door Locks for Homes

Some locks integrate with other smartphone devices such as the smoke alarm and services such as Alexa and Google Assistant. As an example, you can have your doors unlock once it detects smoke or when the alarm is triggered. You also have the option of having smart lights turned on when the door is unlocked.

Depending on the type of home automation you have, you can even pair your smart lock with a video doorbell so you can view who is on the other side of the door before you open it. If you have an inner security camera, you can even record when the door is unlocked. However, it is crucial to note that the more features you have, the more you will have to spend.

Other Kinds of Smart Locks– Remote Control Door Locks for Homes

It should be noted that there are some smart lock designs out there that aren’t necessarily door locks. Some are actually padlocks. However, they are built to be as strong and tough, and you will be utilizing Bluetooth to unlock them with a tap of a button when you’re ready to enter. They also give you temporary or permanent guest access simply by setting the app.

Some models are Wi-Fi enabled padlocks that utilize a built-in scanner that lets logistics personnel secure your deliveries and package in a particular storage box where thieves cannot see or access them.

Traditional locks compared to electronic door locks


Each type of lock will have its advantages and disadvantages. Using physical keys such as metal ones, cards, or a handheld remote can get lost or damaged, while key codes can be forgotten. The user can effortlessly change key codes

Changing physical locks and keys is much more complicated and requires special hardware and skills. A power outage is also a problem for electronic smart locks that function electronically. Once the lights are out, they are locked or unlocked until the power resumes.

When it comes to most electronic smart locks, you will have to balance locking control on the same door. For example, you may have a physical key as an emergency backup, but you may want to utilize the keypad to unlock the door daily. It will provide an extra layer of security and safety for the user and provide added functionality.

Smart Locks and Home Security– Remote Control Door Locks for Homes

When it comes to state-of-the-art automated systems, locks can be manipulated and monitored remotely.

When it comes to homes or businesses, this means even more convenience. Automated systems can be set to lock the doors for you at certain times during the day in case you forgot to lock it. Monitoring apps work remotely and allow you to use your smartphone to check if there are unlocked doors and lock them from anywhere on the planet. In the worst-case scenario, you can unlock your door remotely for speedy access during emergencies.

Not every home security package will include electronic smart locks with the ability for remote monitoring. Overall, only the bigger and more sophisticated providers support this kind of service and functionality. You can browse the services available in your location for the optimum home security package, including an electronic door lock and other automation features for your home.

Top 3 Remote Control Door Locks for Homes



Product Name: Schlage Encode

Product Description: This remote control door locks for homes offers top-notch protection. This smart lock system is one of the most expensive out there, but it does provide high levels of convenience and security. It comes with a high-security rating of any door reviewed. The remote control door locks for homes have an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certification, which is the highest possible rating. You don’t have to connect this remote control door locks for homes to the smart hub since it already has built in Wi-Fi. This is a huge improvement over past models, which need to utilize a smart hub. But on the downside, Wi-Fi uses a lot of energy, so don’t expect a lot of battery life out of it, which will typically only last for a couple of months.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Technology
  • Security


This remote control door locks for homes is finger resistant and has a touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. The option for voice control gives you hands-free convenience when you’re using voice-enabled devices. The built-in alarm technology of this remote control door locks for homes senses potential security risks while the low battery indicator signals battery replacement.

This remote control door locks for homes are easy to install, and you will only need a screwdriver. The patented snap and stay technology attaches the deadbolt onto the door, so both of your hands are free during the installation process.



  • Create and manage up to 100 access codes
  • Check the status of your lock and lock / unlock your door
  • Alexa will let you know when your battery is running low



  • No negative reviews so far


Runners Up

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart lock remote control door locks for homes is the undisputed model for smart locks and doesn’t disappoint.

With this remote control door locks for homes, you can have remote control, low battery warnings, and a convenient Wi-Fi connection. It also utilizes Bluetooth for optimum battery performance when you are at home.

When it comes to aesthetics, it definitely stands out. Since it installs on the inside of your door, you will appreciate the compact, streamlined modern design that can match any home décor.

It also helps that this remote control door locks for homes have a small size, so it isn’t bulky on your door. However, it is a bit more expensive than older versions, and it will cost you around $250.

This remote control door locks for homes can work with existing deadbolt switches, which is extremely convenient. However, it isn’t compatible with every deadbolt model so ensure yours is compatible before purchasing this remote control door locks for homes.

Enjoy a key that works everywhere. Lock the front door, unlock it from any point.

You are immediately connected right out of the box. The August Wi-Fi Smart lock remote control door locks for homes require no additional settings to connect with a Wi-Fi, so you get full voice and remote access capability without the hassles.

  • A key that works everywhere
  • Requires no additional bridge to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Auto-unlock detects when you arrive and unlocks the door
  • No negative reviews so far

Yale Assure Lock SL

The Yale assure lock remote control door locks for homes has a smooth keyless touchscreen that makes it a fashionable addition to your front door. Although the Wi-Fi version is preferred, there are also other types of connections so you can connect this lock to your smart home platform of choice.

This remote control door locks for homes features an easy-to-use touchscreen keypad that has a backlight. You can set it up and save up to 250 codes, which are more than any other smart deadbolts out there.

This remote control door locks for homes also comes with a privacy setting that gives you the ability to disable codes for a specific time frame. This feature can be extremely useful in certain cases, such as locking out teens trying to get in after curfew hours.

Although the backlit touchscreen of this remote control door locks for homes is attractive, there is a security concern about fingerprints that can tip off a burglar.

This remote control door locks for homes that allow you to replace existing deadbolt with a slim key-free deadbolt that comes with a touchscreen’s keypad, so you don’t have to use physical keys might get lost.

  • A slim, key-free deadbolt with a touchscreen keypad
  • Lock, unlock and share access
  • Unlocks automatically as you approach the door
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

Traditional keys have caused a lot of tragedies for owners for years. Lost keys and misplaced keys are common problems. When this happens, you have to spend hours locked out of your home or property, and you may even need the expertise of locksmiths that require you to pay top dollar. It is a good thing that current technological innovations such as remote control door locks for homes diminish and eliminates this problem. You also get more control and customization for your front door.

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