best tablets under 10000

Imagine if smartphones and notebooks had a baby combining their one’s practicality with the other’s low weight. The result would be the Tablet, or an iPad in Apple’s case.

Tablets are becoming more and more popular because of their screen being great to write & read compared to a cellphone and also being much easier to carry around compared to a notebook. They can be using for work as well as just to carry a powerful machine with you wherever you go. Tablets are also much better for reading e-books than smartphones because of their bigger screen.

In any of those cases, anyone that is looking to buy a Tablet would want to invest their money well. This article will be reviewing the best Tablets you can buy under 10000 INR. How is the review done? We analyze the best traits each tablet offers and try to recognize something that makes a particular entry stand out from the others. All of these have qualities and issues, so it depends on the user on which one is the best for what you want from your device.

Lenovo Tab 3 Essential Tablet

(7 inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi+3G with Voice Calling, Ebony Black)

Coming at the cheapest price, this Tablet from Lenovo has a lot of features going for it. Their price is the biggest plus compared to the others. It has 1GB ram and 16GB internal memory, offering a lot of space for storage.

  • Extremely cheap comparing to tablets with similar configurations.
  • 16 GB internal memory.
  • Fast responses.
  • 1GB of RAM is lower than the expected from Tablets of similar price pool (that would be 2 GB).
  • Cameras have bad definition, 2MP back camera and 0.3 MP front facing camera.
  • Android is not up-to-date.

Lenovo Tab 3 730X Tablet

Lenovo Tab 3 730X Tablet

(7 inch, 16GB, WiFi + 4G + Voice Calling, Black Blue

The most expensive of this list, this Tablet also from Lenovo is a power house. Its configurations are great for running games and watching movies without any issues. Contains 2GB of RAM and the usual storage memory of 16GB.

  • Lighter weight (259g) than the average Tablet weight.
  • Water splash proof.
  • Android v.6.0 is better than what is expected.
  • Does not support Jio 4G Sim.
  • Bad camera quality for its price: 5MP back camera and 2MP front camera.

iBall Slide 1026-Q18 Tablet

iBall Slide 1026-Q18 Tablet

(10.1 inch, 8GB, Wi-Fi+3G+Voice Calling, White)

While most tablets are 7-inches, this one went for the other route and decided for the bigger 10.1 inches’ scree size. Has same camera quality as the last entry but at much lower price (5MP, 2MP front camera). Has 8 GB of internal memory.

  • Bigger screen than most tablets.
  • Internal memory is expandable to 32 GB and has dual SIM.
  • Low price in comparison with the other entries.
  • Only 8 GB of internal memory is half of what is expected from Tablets of this price pool.
  • Android is only v.4.4 KitKat which is very outdated.

iBall Slide Snap 4G2 Tablet

iBall Slide Snap 4G2 Tablet

(7 inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi+3G+Voice Calling, Biscuit Gold)

Also from iBall, this one is a little cheaper but comes with outstanding benefits with its lower price range. 5MP and 2MP cameras quality, 7-inch screen. 2GB RAM as well as 16GB internal memory.

  • The cost-benefit is great – The best configurations of other tablets but at a very affordable price.
  • Has the option to extend the internal memory to 32GB.
  • Very delicate.
  • Seems to lag more than the usual, in games.

Micromax Canvas Tab P702 Tablet

(WiFi, 4GVoLTE, Voice Calling)

This Tablet from this newer brand comes with expected camera quality (5MP and 2MP front camera) as well as a 7-inch screen with a higher resolution than the usual (This has 1280 x 720 pixels’ resolution instead of the common 1024×600). Comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB of memory that can be extended.

  • Better screen resolution than what is expected.
  • Dual SIM with 4G available in both slots as well as an extendable internal memory.
  • Weights a lot compared to other tablets. This weights 662 grams compared to the usual 300g.
  • Android is v5.0 which could be better for the higher price you’re paying.

Asus Zen pad Theater Z370CG-1L033A Tablet

(7 inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi+3G+Voice Calling), Metallic

Asus is a very renowned company when talking about gaming accessories and computer gadgets. They make very famous laptops and tablets are no exception. This version comes with the greatest Camera quality among Tablets of this price pool: 8MP primary camera and 2MP front camera. The resolution is 1280×800 pixels. Android is v5.0 and comes with 2GB RAM as well as 16GB of internal memory.

  • Best image quality in cameras from tablets in this price pool.
  • Resolution is better than what is expected.
  • Higher price than the average tablet with these configurations.
  • Low quality battery backup.
  • Very fragile.


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