best laptops under 30000

With the functions of a desk computers and the practicality of a cellphone, laptops have taken over the world by being one of the most useful tools for working and studying. By carrying a laptop to work, park or even to the mall, you can do anything you would do on your computer without the need to be inside your house. By carrying your files, documents, notes and worksheets with you, laptops are essentially a time saver in a lot of situations.

However, laptops can be a bit expensive. If you are looking to spend your money wisely and also don’t want to lose on the wide range of possibilities a good laptop can bring, like being able to play modern games anywhere you go for example, then these next entries are for you. Today, we’ll be reviewing great options for laptops that are under 30000 INR

This product from the worldly known company “Dell”, really covers anything you’d want from a laptop. It comes with intel core i3 and 4GB of RAM which is up-to-date with what you can get in a laptop and the 1 terabyte of space will be enough of a storage space for years to come. It comes with the operational system “Ubuntu Linux” which is not so common.

  • Has a very modern design and light weight.
  • The decision of the operational system Linux offers additional possibilities for users that want something different.

The i3 processor is in the 5th generation, while most other laptops of the same price pool are in the 6th. This won’t hinder its velocity by no means, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a little outdated in comparison.

Lenovo ideapad110 15.6-inch Laptop

Product from Lenovo, has a lot going for it. It also has core i3 but in the 6th generation, 4GB of RAM is a great amount and the 15.6-inch screen is what you usually get from all laptops of similar price.

  • Has 4 hours battery life which is usually longer than what is expected from a laptop.
  • With its 6th gen processor as well as integrated graphics you might be able to run smoothly many modern games anywhere while having a good battery to back it up.


Has been accused of having a cheap keyboard and it is easily breakable if you aren’t careful.

HP 15-BE011TU 15.6-inch Laptop

HP is another great company known for its quality in delivering trustworthy laptops and printers. Anther core i3 in the 6th gen, 4GB RAM and 1TB of space is what you can expect from a great laptop. Operational system: FreeDOS 2.0.

  • Also has its processor in the 6th gen, staying up-to-date.
  • Company with great history and reviews, has repairing centers and customer support.
  • It was accused of not supporting windows 7 as an operational system.
  • Volume is very low.

Lenovo 80E503G2IH 15.6-inch Laptop

Lenovo 80E503G2IH 15.6-inch Laptop review

A little bit more expensive than most other laptops but completely worth it: Coming with windows 10 as its operational system, It has the configurations you’d expect: 4GB and 1TB of space as well as the 15.6-inch screen and a very light weight.


  • Great reviews: long-lasting battery, fast responding and best computer if you’re on a budget.
  • Comes with windows 10 so you shouldn’t worry with problems in compatibility as windows is the number 1 supported system by applications.
  • Contains 1 more RAM slot for ram expansion.

More expensive than products of similar configuration.

Dell Inspiron 15 5559 15.6-inch Laptop

Core i3 5th Gen – 4 GB/1 TB HDD

Another laptop from Dell, taking a different route and going for the silver color, this one is also a bit more expensive but has great reviews to back it up. Comes with 4GB DDR3 of RAM to be able to run all the essential programs at its best.


Its DOS operating system simulates the windows 10 system and doesn’t lose in performance.


A bit heavier than other leptops (3.5kg while other products weight about 2.5kg and 3.0kg).

HP AR003TU - 14 Inch Laptop

HP AR003TU - 14 Inch Laptop

Another from HP, has a better price than average and comes with great support. 6th gen i3 core, comes with hardware from Linux but its operational system is DOS. Is of lighter weight (2.7kg) of the average laptop.


Its system is not locked which means you can install any operational system you want to.


The screen is smaller than the average screen size. It has 14 inches while usually laptops if this price pool have 15.6 inches on their screen.


This product from ASUS, one of the most famous brands when taking about computer accessories, comes at a much more affordable price than all other mentioned products. Has the benefit of having a graphics processor that is not integrated: Intel 5500.

  • Has finger print scanner.
  • Contains 2 ram slots with support for 16 GB ram.

14 inches screen, smaller than what you’d usually expect (15.6 inches).

HP 15-BA021AX 15.6-inch Laptop

This laptop from HP is the only one in this list that goes for AMD instead of Intel for its processor engine and contains a quad-core configuration, meaning it is faster than you’d expect. Comes with a dedicated graphical configuration!

  • Has dedicated graphics card which means it runs online videos and games much smoother.
  • Its configuration with 4 processors is double the expected amount from an i3 processor: 4 cores.

Even though it has configuration to run games better than other laptops, it has heating issues when doing that.


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