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8 Top Niches for Affiliate Marketers 2020

If there is one way to earn money by simply promoting the services and products, it is none other than affiliate marketing. This simply means that an affiliate marketer basically needs to establish a sale for the company and from there, the payment comes from. Experienced affiliate marketers usually target low competition and profitable markets. But, knowing the top niches for affiliate marketers is not as easy as you think.

Moreover, getting into the business of affiliate marketing requires specific skills and should create an incredible website to stand out from the competition into the market. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it gives you bucks even while you are having a sound sleep. So, it is actually a challenge to look for the best niche for affiliate marketing. To help you filter your choice, check here for the recommended niches to start your career as an affiliate marketer.

Defining Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is generally the process of earning commission for selling the products or services of another person. It basically works by simply searching for products that affiliates enjoy and eventually promotes that product and gain some profit from every sale made. Usually, monitoring of sales is through the affiliate links on a website to the other.

Moreover, with strict competition in the business world today, affiliate marketing already becomes the most common strategy to generate sales and online revenue. This also becomes generally advantageous on the brands and affiliate marketers which earn from the less conventional marketing strategies.

Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Below are some of the important reasons why most people are trying to be an affiliate marketer:

1. Earn passive income
top niches for affiliate marketers

Generally, affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to generate money even while you are sleeping. Affiliate marketers basically invest some of their time getting engaged in a campaign and afterwards find continuous revenues once the consumer buys the product within the next days and weeks. You can still get a smooth flow of income even if you get out from your computer with just having your marketing skills.

2. Customer service is not required

With the principle of affiliate marketing, all you need to do is to link the seller to the consumer. Once you’ve done that, it is already the responsibility of the individual sellers or the companies to deal with the consumers. They are also responsible for ensuring the customers’ satisfaction after buying the product or the availing the service.  

3. Opportunity to work from home

If you are looking for an opportunity to work from home, then affiliate marketing is the best one for you. You can still get revenues while making campaigns while inside your home.

4. Cost-effective

Affiliate marketing is actually a business that only demands low startup fees. Without any pressure from the budget, products and anything, you can quickly start the business.

5. Convenient and versatile

Becoming an affiliate marketer means you are a freelancer in the field of business. With this, you can conveniently and independently set your goals. Aside from that, the working hours will definitely be up to you. So the choice is all yours.

6. Giving rewards based on performance

The earnings that you will get from affiliate marketing definitely depend on your performance as a marketer. What effort you give on the campaign is what revenue you’ll get. If you’d work hard for it then you will finally get paid with the excellent work you’ve done.

List of the Top Niches for Affiliate Marketers

If you are new on this kind of business or want to start up your own business here, below are the top niches for affiliate marketing:


top niches for affiliate marketers

There are generally large numbers of people who desire to look younger. That’s why the beauty category belongs to the largest and top niches for affiliate marketers. This does not only pertains to females because even men of today’s time are becoming vain and conscious with their looks thus wanting to have tighter pores as well.

Due to this, many people continuously search for beauty products including anti-ageing creams and cosmetic kits. You can generally get a bigger profit if you sell this kind of products through your affiliate website. Aside from that, you could also try providing them with some demos on how to use certain beauty products. This way, you can grow your business as affiliate marketers.


Because of internet domination, more and more individuals are planning to run away from their 40 hours job. Additionally, they also like to establish their own business and be an entrepreneur. These individuals are your perfect target market because aside from their desire to generate money digitally, they also need guidance.

The usual norm these days is that people are trying to invest in popular businesses and try to be entrepreneurs. As a marketer on this one of the top niches for affiliate marketers, all you need to do for this target market is to guide them throughout the process. Moreover, in this niche, business ideas, tutorials, and the characteristics of a businessman are all important things that you should provide to them.

Wealth Creation

Nowadays, people are trying to invest in order to create their wealth and most of them are also generating money out of stocks, bonds, and foreign exchange. Unfortunately, not everyone is knowledgeable and educated about investment. That’s why this one of the top niches for affiliate marketers is a source of information for them.

On this niche, people can gain appropriate advice regarding the trading of financial services. Doing this will generally support the investment of basic budgeting and comprehensive trading techniques.


top niches for affiliate marketing

Due to innovation, there are basically lots of modern gadgets that people love to use. In order to sell these products in a very simple way, you need to utilize e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Moreover, selling those products also requires marketing strategies like blogging. Making this skill on this one of the top niches for affiliate marketers may let you talk about the innovative technology and upcoming products in the market.

You can generally make and share reviews of different products. Basically, incorporate your affiliate link so that it will initiate the purchasing process. With this, you can definitely earn from this one of the top niches for affiliate marketers.


Again, innovative gadgets for gaming like smartphones and laptops make the gaming world fabulously growing. It is no surprise that almost all people love to play games regardless of their age, gender, and social status. Being one of the top niches for affiliate marketers, gaming takes the benefit of users to have a constant update about the new releases of game developers. Using more creativity and developing more games that make people crazy are the essential advantages of getting involved in this niche.

Health and Fitness

Aside from welcoming and grabbing innovation, more and more people are also turning into their healthy ways. This basically means that numbers of individuals who become aware of some health issues are increasing. Additionally, people are also willing to spend their money on repeated buying of health-related products. Because of this, health and fitness become one of the top niches for affiliate marketers.


Since there are more people who want to be aware of the helpful methods of self-improvement and creation of self-esteem, this category is becoming one of the top niches for affiliate marketers. People of today’s time tend to speak out their mental health and are not ashamed of sharing their weak points. Those individuals usually look for online advice to get out of their comfort zone.

Typically, people visiting this one of the top niches for affiliate marketers need help in order to deal with their weaknesses. Some programs over the web offer online training, short courses, e-books, and videos to provide them with information that can boost their confidence and overcome obstacles. Moreover, this approach on this one of the top niches for affiliate marketers generally helps in enhancing people’s self-esteem which can also generate big revenues.


top niches for affiliate marketers

The pet category is also another one of the top niches for affiliate marketers that is also growing these days. There are actually many pet owners nowadays and most of them are willing to spend bucks for purchasing pet products. Generally, there are lots of pet products available within the pet stores. And that would be a great niche for affiliate marketing.

Basically, selling those kinds of products and offering services such as pet training are some of the best things to do as an affiliate marketer. Pet owners actually need to train their pets and they also need some demonstrations to properly take good care of their pets. The pet category is generally a growing market that demands the absorption of both innovation and creativity.

Final Thoughts

The top niches for affiliate marketers actually provide high profit or revenue and at the same time have fast-growing markets. Basically, affiliate marketing is the best channel to get passive income. Aside from that, engaging in this activity is also a great opportunity to work from home. All you need to do is find your target market and the niche in which you think you can contribute your skills and abilities as an affiliate marketer.

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